Greg Monsieur

Delicious grilled cheese sandwiches

Big Gregs are triple-layer rustic farmhouse grilled cheese sandwiches made fresh at Amsterdam’s Albert Cuyp Market, on the Albert Cuypstraat near number 123 from Wednesday to Saturday from 9:30 to five o’clock in the afternoon.

Facebook: @GregMonsieur

We also do catering, serving our fresh Big Gregs on the spot, please send us an email and we will send you more info!


  1. Pass the Dutchie (Vegetarian) €3,50

    Double cheese

  2. Amsterbammetje (Vegetarian) €4,–

    Double cheese

  3. The Hamster €4,75

    Cheese, ham, cheese

  4. Joyriso €4,75

    Cheese, chorizo, cheese

  5. Tuname, tunayou €5,75

    Cheese, homemade tunasalad, cheese

  6. The Italian Job (Vegetarian) €6,25

    Cheese, pesto, cheese, tomato

  7. Thai-thai Popeye (Vegetarian) €6,75

    Wild spinach, cheese, pine-nuts, cheese, mango chutney

  8. Toasty & tasty (& spicy!) €5,75

    Cheese, homemade chicken & oregano, cheese

  9. Greg’s Madame €6,75

    Cheese, spring onion, ham, cheese, baked egg

  10. Astroboy €5,75

    Cheese, teriyaki beef, cheese, mushroom

  11. Bananana (Vegetarian) €5,50

    Cheese, banana, cheese, applesyrup

  12. Croque Mokum (Vegetarian) €5,50

    Cheese, apple, cheese, peanut butter